How to become the person your friends actually want to call

I’m sure you’re one of those people who sends text messages and e-mails, and who contacts your friends via Facebook, Twitter etc …but let’s be honest, this way of communicating can be really impersonal, creating a lot of misunderstandings and leaving out a very large part of humanity from our relationships!

Wanna encourage your friends and colleagues to call instead? Voxist has a solution for you.  It’s an awesome visual voicemail app for your mobile phone which offers:

+ personalized greetings to delight your callers
+ voicemail transcriptions so you can read your messages quickly in the app or via email
+ a practical, easy-to-use app that unifies your voicemail messages from multiple numbers

3 steps to becoming the person your friends actually want to call:

1: Record a personalized greeting that will humor, entertain or delight your callers

The possibilities are endless.  Find a sweet word that will touch your mom, a joke that will make your best friend die of laughter, or an important work topic for your colleagues! They are sure to be impressed.

Your callers will be amused and blown away when they see that your voicemail greeting can change from day to day, and even better, be personalized to them.

It’s a perfect way to improve relationships that have started to weaken through text-only communications .

Prove that you know your professional and personal callers like the back of your hand!

Step 2: Let your callers know about your cool new voicemail app

Everyone will know that they have to call you to hear their personalized surprises!

It’s time to reveal your lethal weapon: Voxist!
“You haven’t heard of Voxist? It’s a revolutionary app. Let me show you… ”

There’s no doubt people will be curious and want to call you to discover the surprise greeting you have in store for them.

You will never be happier not answering your phone!

Step 3: Relax knowing it’s so much easier to manage your voicemail when you can read your messages

The cherry on the cake is that you can manage your various messages on the application directly. No need to spend hours on finding or listening to them.  See all your messages on the same screen, and in text version. In just a quick glance you can see who says what. 😉

The bonus to seeing your voicemail messages in text format on your phone and in your emails? You no longer need to leave the room to listen to your voice messages.  Pretty handy during family dinners. 🙂

So are you ready to become the one who is going to change the life of your friends and colleagues?

Any ideas you’d like to share them with us? We can’t wait to highlight the stories of our users!

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