Voxist now lets you write your own personalized greetings, and automatically greets your callers by name

Here at Voxist we are constantly working to improve the voicemail experience for our customers and their callers.  We know that most carriers offer a standard, inefficient voicemail that is time-consuming and cumbersome to use, so we’ve made it our mission to stand out as a smart and personalized voicemail service that’s easy to navigate.  

Voxist users today benefit from the efficiency of our high-quality transcriptions which allow them to read their voicemail messages in-app or via email.  They can also delight their callers with customized greetings which they record using their own voice. Our loyal customer base calls us a “voicemail on steroids” (yup we couldn’t make this up ourselves), but there’s one personalized greeting feature they’ve been requesting us to add since the day we launched….

Since we like to give our customers what they want, we’ve been burning the midnight oil looking for a way to make personalized greetings that much easier to personalize.

Today Team Voxist is proud to announce that our app now has its own patented automated personalized greetings technology that lets you write your greeting script and personalizes the greeting for you!

What?!? How can Voxist personalize greetings for me?

Our patented technology allows users to WRITE out their greeting script using keywords from their phone’s address book such as ‘FirstName’, ‘LastName’, ‘Number’ and ‘Company’.  Once the user writes the greeting text, they choose a Voxist voice that will speak this greeting for them.  The greeting they’ve written can apply to one or more callers that they designate.

Not sure I get it yet. Can you show me an example of how this works?

Let’s say you’re a restaurant owner and you want to greet all your suppliers by name when they reach your voicemail. Your suppliers are saved in your phone’s Contact list, so you could write a greeting like:

Hi {FirstName} from {Company}, I’m out of the office this week, but please leave me a detailed message and I will return your call as soon as I am back next week.

When Joe from ABC Suppliers reaches your voicemail, Voxist will identify his First Name and Company from your Contact list, and automatically generate this personalized greeting for him:

Hi Joe from ABC Suppliers, I’m out of the office this week but please leave me a detailed message and I will return your call as soon as I am back next week.

You could also just choose to create a fun message for all of your friends in your running group, for example:

Hi {FirstName}, I’m probably on the treadmill right now, so let me know why you’re calling and I will get back to you when I catch my breath!

How can this feature help me?

The automated personalized greetings allow you to quickly create a voicemail greeting of your choosing that gets personalized to each of your callers.  You no longer have to take the time to record individualized greetings, and, you no longer have to use your own voice in the greeting (it’s true, some users simply don’t like to use their own voice!).  Never end up like Jason in this vidéo :

It’s highly applicable for businesses that want to add a personal touch without having to record individualized greetings.  It’s also great for people who want to address their friends and family more uniquely and warmly.

Sounds interesting. How can I try the automated personalized greetings?

Automated personalized greetings are currently in Beta, and available to all Voxist users for free! It may become a paid feature at the end of the Beta period, but that’s still TBD. Please try it out, and let us know what you think. Your feedback keeps us honest and helps us build a service that best meets your needs.

Look at how easy it is to use

If you’re not already a Voxist user, you can find us in the Apple Store or on Google Play in France and in the US.  We want to be available to all interested users, so hope to launch in more markets soon!

Voxist Beta on iOS and Android

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